Hi I'm Christie, founder of The Flute Coach

As an adult returning to music, I recognised the need for online learning resources that really met the needs of adult learners with busy lives and complicated schedules. 

In 2016 I founded The Flute Coach  which humbly began publishing written articles and YouTube tutorials. In 2017 I added a series of online courses to the platform. But in 2019, I made the switch to offering live one on one lessons entirely online, as I realised that it was in this personal and dynamic partnership with a mentor, that students actually learned best.

You might be thinking...

“How hard can online lessons be? All you have to do is get two people to click a link at the same time and you’ll be connected…”

That’s what I thought too. BUT, it took me ONE WHOLE YEAR, countless late nights, and several frustrating rounds of trial and error to get my studio to a point where it was really working (and folks started paying me).

To say I learned a lot during this year is a huge understatement. Everything has changed, and now online lessons must be the new normal for students learning music.

Now in 2020, I've pivoted myself to creating practical resources for music educators to help them thrive and grow their own studios, using the online model I do.